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economically-minded, a single bar of this complexi
For those of you who are economically-minded, a single bar of this complexion soap can last three to four months – that means you only need three or four to get you through the year. Compared to the high cost of many supposed beauty pr...  [more info]

Sea buckthorn berries come from the shrub Hippopha
grows in Europe and Asia. They have sour orange berries and the oil from them has been used to treat radiation burns, sunburn, and eczema. In other words sea buckthorn oil is good for skin treatments and anti-aging. It is an important ...  [more info]

Siberian Chaga for Your Health benefits
Now research has confirmed that chaga has a breadth of benefits – including everything from supporting circulatory health, to slowing down the aging process, and so much more. Even better, Siberian Chaga, one of our teas – is a delight...  [more info]

Enjoy an Earthly Delight – Siberian Chaga for Your
Allure Imports, Inc. is a thirty year business specializing in developing, and marketing only organic products. We long ago came to understand the health benefits of chaga and other items brought forth by Mother Nature. Chaga is a mush...  [more info]

The Chaga Tea Diet at Allure Imports
We here at Allure Imports, Inc., an all-natural health and beauty aid product company, have long touted the advantages of chaga and offer it in tea form. But, although we go on and on about its anti-tumor qualities, its ability to supp...  [more info]

Vegetarian Light Cooking!
Vegetarian Light Cooking Features 133 Lower Fat, Nutritious Recipes That Are Also Delicious. Whether You Are Trying To Lower Cholesterol Or Blood Pressure, Lose Weight, Feel And Look Better, Or Stay Well, This Cookbook Has Something Fo...  [more info]

30 Day Guide To The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet Was The Hottest Diet Of 2013, And Continues To Grow. With Two Meal Plans, 185+ Recipes, Weekly Shopping Lists, And Online Support This Step-by-step Guide Is The Go-to Program For Paleo. You Cannot Find A Better Resource!...  [more info]

Vooluu Organic Shake
Get Your Daily Dose of Protein and Nutrition in One Shake Nutritional Revolution has Just Begin with Vooluu Green Protein Shake   [more info]

Bois bande /Grenada
Grenada is well known as the “Spice Isle” the constant Sun and rich nutrient soil has enabled us to grow some of the most fragrant, nutritious organic produce, herbs and spices in the world. With a vast variety of herbs and spices “Bab...  [more info]

Bois Bande/richera grandis/babande 8oz
Grenada is well known as the “Spice Isle” the constant Sun and rich nutrient soil has enabled us to grow some of the most fragrant, nutritious organic produce, herbs and spices in the world. With a vast variety of herbs and spices “Bab...  [more info]

Uninsured? Underinsured? We CAN Help!
There is a better way! You can save up to 80% on all your medical needs with a membership to AmeriPlan. Our company has been around for 24 years, and has helped our members save thousands on healthcare. For under $50/ month, you and...  [more info]

Does Your Health Insurance Offer This?
Did you know that our company has Hospital Advocacy? Under our Med Plus Plan for only $24.95 a month (for the entire household), you will have access to a healthcare advocate who will help negotiate your current and past due hospital b...  [more info]

Need Help With Dental Expenses?
This is how to save up to 80% on all your household’s dental needs. Pay only $24.95/month for dental, vision, and prescription. Braces for all ages included as well as cosmetic dentistry! Need contacts, eyeglasses, lasik eye surgery…....  [more info]

Varicose Veins - Relieving Symptoms
Varicose veins are a cosmetic problem for many people. But they can be a medical problem as well. They often cause thinning of the skin (typically just above the ankle) and their presence increases the risk of blood clots and inflammat...  [more info]

THE ONLY HEALTHY COOKBOOK YOU WILL EVER NEED… Includes 470+ Recipes, A 10 Week Meal Plan And 2 Bonus Ebooks! Click the link beloq to claim yours now: ......  [more info]

Diabetes Destroyer
The Breakthrough “Pancreas Jump start” Technique Will Lower Your Blood Sugar And Even REVERSE Your Type 2 Diabetes It fixes your insulin resistance so you can throw away your insulin injections and diabetes medication. Study after st...  [more info]

Fat Diminisher
Reset Metabolism, Turbocharge weight loss and Shrink your Waist.  [more info]

Looking To Save At The Dentist? We CAN Help!
Did you know…our dental plan is just $24.95 per month and that covers the entire family. You can save up to 80% on cleanings, crowns, root canals, braces, cosmetics and MUCH more. No deductibles, waiting periods or co-pays. 30 day mon...  [more info]

Kid's Need Braces?
For $24.95 monthly per household you will be covered for Dental, Vision, Prescription & Chiropractic Services with savings up to 80%. Save on Cleanings, exams, crowns, root canals, cosmetics, braces and more. *No Waiting Periods *...  [more info]

still suffers from acne
Well, don’t despair! First recognize that 80% of the world’s population has suffered or still suffers from acne! It’s mind-boggling that we can send a man to the moon but can’t seem to get a handle on this physical problem that leaves ...  [more info]

Face Doctor Rx – offers Teenage Acne Treatment Opt
Isn’t it hard enough being a teenager without having to wake up in the morning and see what acne has in store for you that day? Well, don’t despair! First recognize that 80% of the world’s population has suffered or still suffers from ...  [more info]

teenage acne treatment and eczema treatment for ad
We have been creating products in our own laboratories with the help of licensed dermatologists who share our desire to help you enjoy a more beautiful complexion and overall derma! To learn more about Allure Imports, Inc. and our Face...  [more info]

enhance your insides and outsides with products
For instance, Face Doctor Rx products contain sea buckthorn oil with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. One bar of this all natural cleanser lasts up to three months, and when combines with other Face Doctor Rx products becomes an...  [more info]

Face Doctor Rx – Effective Natural Skin Treatments
Face Doctor Rx is just one line of products offered by Allure Imports, Inc. We are a natural health and beauty product company that has been in business for more than thirty years and have created products to enhance your insides and o...  [more info]

Do you suffer from eczema? psoriasis?
We have recently added a Chaga Skin Care line. We know chaga is wonderful for your health in other ways but now we find it is perfect for your skin as well. Lip balms and skin creams are among the products you’ll find as part of this l...  [more info]

Best Remedies for Skin Problems
That right there should be reason enough to give us a try. Unfortunately most health and beauty products on the market today are a conglomerate of chemicals – and the question is whether or not THAT is what has caused such a rise in sk...  [more info]

Chaga Skin Care Products
That’s right! Do you suffer from eczema? psoriasis? facial redness or the ubiquitous acne? Are you an adult or teen? Well, it doesn’t matter. No matter where you fall on the age continuum or what skin problem you suffer from we here at...  [more info]

If you are looking something binds the population
So if you are looking for the best skin treatments for acne place Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap at the top of your list. To learn more about this and all of our dermatological products visit our website below. Then order a bar for y...  [more info]

Natural Acne Soap
Allure Imports, Inc. wants to do something to help. We are a natural health and beauty aid product company. All of of products are organic based and developed in our own laboratories by trained dermatology specialists. Our goal is to s...  [more info]

Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soaps
If you are looking for something that binds the population – it is acne. Over eighty percent of the world’s population suffers from it at some point in their life – and many find it to be an ongoing problem through adulthood. Why there...  [more info]

coconut oil, honey and apple cider
Here's a newsflash I'm sure won't surprise you... nothing concocted in a laboratory can ever replace the value of what is found in nature! Mother Nature is incredibly generous in the way she provides - offering a bounty of fruits an...  [more info]

The Amazing Fat loss system
"The beta switch system" for weight loss and stubborn fat removal >:>:>:>: A really great fat loss system for women.  [more info]

developing and selling all-natural health and beau
Let me tell you – I am so proud of our company’s products and success – and the way we are able to help our customers bring their skin problems under control – that I could write about it day and night! Allure Imports, Inc. is in the b...  [more info]

Facial Foam Cleanser uses natural plant and herb
It is cost effective – and just effective in general! You can buy this product from ...... ...... ......  [more info]

Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Line in Facedoctor
Our Facial Foam Cleanser uses natural plant and herb extracts. Use it to maintain beauty, support glowing skin and as a remedy for rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.  [more info]

Conditioner Combo Pack
we also have a wide variety of other products for your skin and body as well. Take our Hair and Scalp Doctor Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Pack. You do know that your scalp is part of your skin? Well, Hair & Scalp Doctor Shampoo and Cond...  [more info]

It offers fast, effective results
This has been a staple of the Face Doctor Rx line of health and beauty products offered by Allure Imports, Inc. – and is formulated based on 30 years of clinical research. Face Surgeon Medicated Soap offers fast, effective results.  [more info]

If you are struggling with acne
Aren’t the teenage years hard enough? Order your own teenage acne facial treatment today – visit our website and order online or find it at many of the local retail establishments in your area.  [more info]

Teenage Acne Treatment
One bar lasts up to three months and has been found to leave your complexion feeling cleaner and softer to the touch, all while working to remove the scars and sores that accompany acne.  [more info]

Face Surgeon Medicated Soap in Facedoctor
If you are struggling with acne – and it has been an ongoing problem – then may we suggest you try our Face Surgeon Medicated Soap. This has been a staple of the Face Doctor Rx line of health and beauty products offered by Allure Impor...  [more info]

Aromatic & Delicious! Chaga Herbal Teas
Any time is a good time to sit down with a hot cup of tea and savor the moment and the taste. But there’s something about fall and hot tea that seem to go hand in hand. Allure Imports, Inc., an all natural health and beauty product com...  [more info]

The Chaga Earth teas, tinctures and powders
The encompassing theme of Allure Imports, Inc. is the use of organic materials found in nature as the basis for all of their products. The Chaga Earth teas, tinctures and powders all contain chaga as a main ingredient. This mushroom gr...  [more info]

Siberian Chaga Chaga Mushroom Teas of
Allure Imports, Inc. is an established Canadian company based in Michigan. They manufacture, market and distribute all-natural health and beauty products, and sexual enhancement goods under the brand names Chaga Earth, Good Life on Dem...  [more info]

most effective treatment for any skin condition
But don’t take our word for it – order your own bottle of Derma Pro Trauma Gel today. It is an effective skin treatment for rashes – and all other skin problems that ail you!  [more info]

Derma Pro Best Remedy for Skin Problems of
I don’t mean to brag but…well, we know our stuff! By we I mean Allure Imports, Inc. Our company has been developing and marketing all natural skin and health products for the past thirty years and if I do say so myself – we’re quite go...  [more info]

Derma Pro products and Face Doctor Rx soaps
To learn more about sea buckthorn oil in our Derma Pro products and Face Doctor Rx soaps we invite you to visit our website.  [more info]

Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro Skin Products of
Sea buckthorn itself is an herb. It’s leaves, fruit and flowers are all used for medicinal purposes. Everything from arthritis to ulcers respond to this natural substance. You can buy this product from ...... ......  [more info]

Experience Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits of
As well, we here at Allure Imports, Inc. include it in many of our all-natural products such as our soaps and creams because of its powerful healing and restorative powers. Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent cleanser, too. Perhaps most ...  [more info]

The Mediterranean Diet
To help enlighten those who are attracted to the Mediterranean diet for its tasty recipes alone, you might like to know of these EXTRA beneficial facts and findings. The Mediterranean diet is NOT a man made diet nor does it comprise ...  [more info]

Lose Weight Fast Incredible
Just Look at this video and click on the get started tab below it. Amazing results all natural and healthy way of life. Don't just lose weight be healthy ......   [more info]

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