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Kickboxer On VHS
VHS Collectors Looking For Kickboxer On VHS 1.00  [more info]

Batman MASTERPIECE EDITION #1 - (2000)/(9.4)
Price:$840 Date Posted:07/24/16 Description: This Masterpiece Edition is the comic book only. It retains all the original ads making it highly valued. DOUBLE BOARDED/Bagged Batman Vol 1 #1 - MASTERPIECE EDITION - (2000) ...  [more info]

Superman #43 - (1946)/(CBCS 2.0)
Price:$250 Date Posted:07/24/16 Description: YES, THIS IS IT! A wonderful CBCS en-slabbed and graded copy of Superman Comics No. #43 from 1946 !! WHAT A KEEPSAKE/HEIRLOOM! Superman Vol 1 #43 November, 1946 Cover Arti...  [more info]

Incredible Hulk KSS Annual #1 - (1968)/(CGC 9.2)
Price:$940 Date Posted:07/24/16 Description: Wonderful High-grade copy of the classic comic book from Marvel Comics 1968. Incredible Hulk Special Vol 1 #1 October, 1968 Issue Details Pages 64 Original Price 25c US Editor-...  [more info]

Tales to Astonish #59 - (1964) / (CGC Grade 5.5)
Price:$1,500 Date Posted:07/24/16 Description: WONDERFUL CGC Graded Copy of TTA #59 at 5.5 Tales to Astonish Vol 1 #59 September, 1964 Editor-in-Chief Stan Lee Cover Artists Jack Kirby "Enter the Hulk" Writers Stan Lee ...  [more info]

Incredible Hulk #102 - (1968)/(CGC Grade 7.0)
Price:$840 Date Posted:07/24/16 Description: CGC Graded copy of The Incredible Hulk in his own title. (Formerly Tales to Astonish) Story continues from TTA #101. Not a stock photo Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #102 April, 1968 Edi...  [more info]

Betty Boop Marilyn Monroe Collectible
Approximate height 24 inches. Has red dress that flares up like Marilyn Monroe's original dress. Price is firm. Call me eve. 5:00 P.M. no calls after 7:00 P.M. My Ph.# 541-926-1873. Ask for Janet  [more info]

Knife Set - African Big Five
This is a Collector set of 5 folding knives called the African Big Five - is from the King Stone Collections, Inc. Each knife comes in a collectible metal case. The knives are 4 1/2" folded and 8" opened with a 3 1/2 " blade and are co...  [more info]

Alaskan Gold Nuggets- Shipping available.
Seriously nice natural gold placers. Nice sized 4 mesh nuggets. Great color and high purity. The nuggets in photos are the exact nuggets you will receive. Shining Gold. Cleaned up to a nice and very bright gold shine. Tested t...  [more info]

Customize Oil Portrait Painting
Custom Oil Portrait Painting from Picture / Family, wedding, children, pet, house and landscape etc. Order Paintings, please contact us. Email: ......   [more info]

flea market
River Road Flea Market. 2 River road Stafford CT. Hours Thurs 10am-4 pm Fri 10am-4pm sat 0800am -4 pm sun 730am 4 pm. All indoors rain or shine  [more info]

1998 Honda Shadow ACE Tourer, made in America!
A real collector for the discriminating rider who wants a reliable, trouble free cruiser that delivers the classic, deep, V-twin sound from a self adjusting 1100cc motor, with outstanding, DEPENDABLE performance, and the smooth ride of...  [more info]

Forked Up Eye Glass Spectacles Holder
Forked Up Art Eye Glass Holder. Be the first in your family to show off this Forked Up Art Eyeglass Holder. No more searching for lost glasses ! Have your spectacles at hand on this novelty Multi Fork Holder. These nove...  [more info]

Autumn On The Farm by Kevin Walsh
It's Harvest Time On The Farm Metal Sign. A picturesque scene at harvest time on the farm. Neighbouring farmers gathered to give a helping hand. Some working with the threshing mill, others enjoying their 'piece'. S...  [more info]

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife
Elk Ridge Hunting Knife- 8″:: overall. 3.5″:: 440 high carbon steel blade. Blade has a unique appearance achieved by leaving the top edge portion of the blade in an unfinished state. Full tang construction, with brown hardwoo...  [more info]

Jesus Handmade Oil Paintings Reprodcution
BC News - A replica painting we done was hung at Dulwich Picture Gallery / one of the most prestigious museums in UK to use in art project. ...... We offer 100% Hand painted Oil Paintings Reproducti  [more info]

Beautiful Nude Paintings
We are Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings Supplier! 100% Handmade Oil Paintings Reproduction By Artists! * 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas * Custom oil paintings made according to your pictures and requests * Skilled artis...  [more info]

In the heyday of the sideshow, the circus would roll into town with lurid banners enticing curious crowds to part with their money for a glimpse of nature gone wrong. Inside those dimly-lit tents they encountered living nightmares – ho...  [more info]

Batman Dc Comics Cylindrical Night Light
Item 12010251 Batman Dc Comics Cylindrical Nightlight Your Cost With Moores Discount Merchandise 29.98 With Free shipping Plastic & Metal Requires two AA Batteries not included Weight 0.7 Pounds Dimensions 0 x 0 x 12 ...  [more info]

This huge collection contains over 500 of the world's greatest paintings, by the greatest masters! You will also recieve picture viewer software so you can view your collection in the highest resolution possible! In this collectio...  [more info]

A Collector's Collection of over 3,000 Signed Celebrity Photographs! Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Celebrities of All Types, Old & New, Sports Stars, Racing, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling, On and On and On! Print ...  [more info]

The Bardic 15cm Free Standing Turf Harp
Bardic 15cm (6")" Turf Harp - Free Standing. The history of the Irish Harp is carved into the standing stones of Celtic Ireland. Immortalised in bardic poetry and manuscripts, dating back to 540AD. Turf Crafts have recreat...  [more info]

Irish Handmade Clay Pipe
Traditional Irish Clay Pipe with History Scroll. This Clay Pipe comes with an Irish Shamrock, Celtic Spiral or Irish Harp Scroll engraved on the bowl and is approx 15cm (6") long. The Clay Pipe is in a beautiful presentation bo...  [more info]

This beautiful collection contains 348 of the best photographs known! From Liverpool to Las Vegas, you get a pictorial history of the fab four, truly a collector's collection! Only $4.99  [more info]

Vassily Vassilyevich Kandinsky (December 1866)–(13 December 1944)... He was an influential Russian painter and art theorist. He is credited with painting the first purely abstract works. Born in Moscow, Kandinsky spent his chil...  [more info]

The Walking Dead TV Series 9 Beth Greene Action Fi
This Walking Dead TV Series 9 Beth Greene Action Figure stands about 5-inches tall, and features Beth in her outfit at the end of Season 4 and includes approximately 22 points of articulation, assault rifle, pistol, and knife. With a k...  [more info]

Paul Jackson Pollock, Painter Paul Jackson Pollock, known professionally as Jackson Pollock, was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of ...  [more info]

Beautiful Colorful Vintage To Modern Labels! One of the largest collections ever offered, this contains a huge array of vintage to modern labels in all their glory, you can print them onto t-shirts, patches, decals, plus much more. A m...  [more info]

This huge 151-MB file contains images of all 423-Superman Comic Covers in what is called Volume/ Series 1 of Superman comics that were issued from 1939 to 1986. All images are approximately the size of the actual comics. These are n...  [more info]

Irish Bobblehead Bobbles Sports Figurines - Louth Gaelic Football Figurine. Louth Gaelic Football Figure. Be the very first to show your friends these new Irish Bobblehead Figurines. As seen on Ireland's LATE LATE TOY SHOW. ...  [more info]

Buffalo Nickel Display
3" Wood Slice Buffalo Nickels - 1934 to 1937  [more info]

Arrowhead Display 5
5" Wood Slice Agate Arrowheads Metal Dream Catcher, Mounted  [more info]

Arrowhead Display 4
5" Wood Slice Dream Catcher Buffalo Nickels - 1934 to 1937 Agate Modern Arrowheads   [more info]

Arrowhead Display 3
5" Wood Slice Bone Arrowhead Obsidian Arrowheads   [more info]

Arrowhead Display 2
5" Wood Slice Agate Modern Arrowheads Dream Catcher  [more info]

Arrowhead Display 1
5" Wood Slice Agate Modern Arrowheads Buffalo Nickels - 1934 to 1937   [more info]

James Connolly was an Irish republican and socialist leader, aligned to syndicalism and the Industrial Workers of the World. He was born in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh, Scotland, to Irish immigrant parents. Born : June 5, 1868,...  [more info]

RMS Titanic Premium 401 Rivet The 401 Rivet is an exact reproduction of the rivets used to fasten the Titanic‘s massive hull plates to her frames, precise in every dimension and characteristic. The 401 Rivet is 3 3/4″:: long, wi...  [more info]

Museum Quality Paintings Reproduction
We are Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings Supplier! 100% Handmade Oil Paintings Reproduction By Artists! * 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas * Custom oil paintings made according to your pictures and requests * Skilled artis...  [more info]

Oil Painting Reproductions - 100% Handmade
We are Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings Supplier! * 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas * Custom oil paintings made according to your pictures and requests * Skilled artists with 10-20 years full time working experience * Shi...  [more info]

The John Deere Tractor Battery Wall Clock. Hand made Wooden Wall Clock - size : 29cm diameter. Fitted with high quality German Quartz Clock Movements. This full color wooden clock with the John Deere hard at work durin...  [more info]

Magic ring and wallet for all your problems
HEALING MAGIC RING It can give success in love, Success in business Make you attractive to people Protects home and away Makes you to see miracles when least expected Protect you from unexpected dangers like accidents ,attacks, e...  [more info]

og Bride and Groom with Heart (Small). Even if you are not having an Irish wedding now you can! Bog Bride and Groom with Heart is a unique wedding or engagement present! The Bog Bride and Groom with Heart are hand crafted in...  [more info]

Own an IrishTurf Peat Incense Cottage Here we have a unique product - an Irish Cottage which burns Turf Peat. Re-create that unforgettable smell of Irish turf burning in this cottage in your own home no matter where you may live...  [more info]

The Irish Volunteers (Irish: Óglaigh na hÉireann) was a military organisation established in 1913 by Irish nationalists. It was ostensibly formed in response to the formation of the Ulster Volunteers in 1912, and its declared primary a...  [more info]

Camouflaged Leopard canvas art picture!
'Camouflaged Leopard' canvas art size A1(20' x 30'/50cm x 76cm) NEW, all our canvases are printed on fine art canvas which is a higher quality canvas than the traditional cotton. We only use genuine fade resistant inks, frames are stre...  [more info]

The Flash Canvas Art Picture(size A1), NEW!
'The Flash' canvas art size A1(20' x 30'/50cm x 76cm), all our canvases are printed on fine art canvas which is a higher quality canvas than the traditional cotton. We only use genuine fade resistant inks, frames are stretched aroun...  [more info]

Ghostly Tales no. 86 June 1971
Ghostly Tales no. 86 June 1971 Horror and suspense Comic Book published by Charlton Comics This comic book is in Used but Good condition Ghostly Tales no. 86 June 1971 price: 31.24$ (sale price includes cost of shipping by Hellen...  [more info]

Custom Portrait Painting
We are a professional supplier and exporter of oil paintings for art lovers around the world. We offer commercial oil paintings,high quality oil paintings and museum quality oil paintings to meet with the demands of various oil painti...  [more info]

Dolphin Canvas Art(size A1), New!
Dolphin canvas art size A1(20' x 30'/50cm x 76cm) NEW, all our canvases are printed on fine art canvas which is a higher quality canvas than the traditional cotton. We only use genuine fade resistant inks, frames are stretched around a...  [more info]

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